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Top Cosmetic Service Careers in 2020

Top Cosmetic Service Careers in 2020

A Changing World

The world of beauty has been growing faster than ever. Thanks to new techniques emerging alongside innovative technologies, the beauty industry has been flourishing at unprecedented rates. If you’re looking to enter the cosmetic industry, here are a few of the top careers to pursue!

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation, often referred to as SMP,  is the process of depositing permanent onto the scalp. It’s popular among people with hair loss due to its natural look and longevity. Learning how to expertly apply the ink can open endless doors for someone learning to broaden their skillset. Finding a school that can teach the intricacies of SMP has never been easier, all you need to do is find the right one with the help of a training directory.

Permanent Makeup

Like scalp micropigmentation, permanent makeup is long-lasting and can often be done in just one session, making it the perfect choice for busy people who don’t have the time to spare in the morning. If you get trained on applying permanent makeup, be prepared to usher in a new wave of people looking to streamline their morning routine!


Working as a hairdresser can be incredibly lucrative if you play your cards right. Top hairstylists can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their services! Hair styling can be thought of as a puzzle, where one should come up with a plan of action before attempting to tackle whatever comes their way. Hairdressers need to be well-versed in multiple areas of styling, including dyeing hair, cutting hair, styling hair, and even shaving facial hair. 

Celebrity Makeup

Doing makeup for the stars has always been an incredible opportunity for those in the cosmetic industry. Making your favorite actor dazzle in front of the camera is a wonderful way to follow your passion and to make a name for yourself. People who do makeup for celebrities need a ton of creativity, as well as problem-solving skills for when their needs a pimple covered or undereye circles erased.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Not all dentistry has to do with the health of your teeth! Many dentists only focus on the cosmetic side of things, spending years learning how to perfect a smile. These dentists now how to make your teeth sparkle and shine. They also offer cosmetic braces, which are less intense than regular braces because they only deal with creating an amazing smile, whereas regular braces often correct bite issues and other medical problems.

Choosing Your Path

Do any (or all) of these careers sound particularly intriguing? Can you see yourself in a salon, transforming people as they come in? Then a career in the world of cosmetology might be right for you! Taking the time to sit down and lay all of your options out in front of you is the first step in your journey to success. Once you’ve done that, you’re on your way to following your passion and doing what you love.