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Are Bald Men More Virile? Here Is The Truth

Are Bald Men More Virile? Here Is The Truth

You must have seen Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and The Rock fighting their opponents and beating them mercilessly many times on TV. Other than a huge fan following, one thing that’s common among them is baldness. All these stars went bald years ago and embraced that look so much that many youngsters stopped seeing baldness as a health issue. Females are crazy about these Hollywood stars and find them virile. However, the question here is whether their baldness makes them virile or it’s the other way around. Let’s find out. 

According to Scalp Micro PT, one of the reasons for baldness can be heavy weight lifting. People who spend hours daily in the gym and lift weights consistently are more likely to go bald than those who do light weightlifting and cardio. The reason behind this is your body’s reaction to weights.

When you lift heavy, the body gets into survival mode and starts sending protein content to those muscle tissues which get damaged due to exercise. Due to this, hair follicles might break, and people can experience baldness in the long run. Staying in a calorie deficit regularly can also have similar effects on your body.

Does this mean all bald men are virile? Certainly not. However, the chances of virile men experiencing baldness at some point in their lives are higher than all bald men achieving virility in their lives. 

Whatever be the reason, make sure you fix this problem to the best of your efforts. In case you don’t know how to go about it, get in touch with an experienced hair care expert at Scalp Micro PT and find an appropriate solution immediately.

Top Celebrities Who Went Bald As Their Career Progressed

Top Celebrities Who Went Bald As Their Career Progressed

Hair loss is so common that even the most acknowledged celebrities also suffer from it. In this post, you’ll find top celebrities who suffered from hair loss as their career took a flight. Some of them accepted baldness and made it a style statement, while others chose Scalp Season and other leading hair health service providers to grow hair. 

Regardless of whether you like them in the bald look or not, it’s essential to know that hair loss is curable, provided you take the right action at the right time. 

Let’s take a look at some of these celebrities now. 

Bruce Willis is the first celebrity on this list. Those of you who were born in the seventies or eighties must have seen a different Bruce Willies than today’s generation. Still a star in the 80s, Bruce had enough hair on his head; however, he lost them gradually and accepted baldness as his ultimate fate, and of course, made a huge style statement out of it. 

Did you know that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson once had hair? While you may have accepted his bald Hercules look now, there was a time when Dwayne had fully-grown hair on his scalp and looked terrific. 

The next celebrity on this list is Samuel L. Jackson. Check out his images from the early 90s to find how great he looked in those hairs. Though he seems ageless, the earth savior Nick Fury has lost hair entirely in the last couple of decades. 

This list can go on and on, but the point here is that hair loss doesn’t discriminate between people based on their money, fame or stardom. It hits everyone equally at some point in their lives. How efficiently they handle this condition defines whether their hair remains intact or not.

Why Do Some People Have Great Hair While Others Don’t?

Why Do Some People Have Great Hair While Others Don’t?

If you are in the 20s or 30s, you must have seen many of your friends losing their hair. They are on the verge of going bald, while you, on the other hand, have great hair. 

Have you ever thought, why does it happen?

There can be many reasons responsible for hair loss in youngsters, and heredity is one of them. Some people start losing hair at a young age because of their genetics. There are high chances that their parents or grandparents also had a hair loss issue, which has now been transferred to them. They can hardly do anything about it. 

Another reason for hair loss can be an unbalanced lifestyle. Some people eat too much junk on a daily basis, take zero protein in their diet, do a lot of smoking, drinking, and never workout. Hair loss can be a common issue among these people. The only way out of this situation is to change the lifestyle and food habits immediately and adapt to a healthy routine. 

Apart from these two causes, sometimes, hair loss can also happen due to thyroid, alopecia, cancer, or other medical conditions. 

While you can’t do much about hair loss due to these medical and health conditions, some treatments can prove to be helpful. Scalp micropigmentation and microblading are two common treatments that people who are losing hair due to the reasons mentioned above can opt for. 

Learn more about them by visiting Scalp & Art and have a word with their hair care experts to fix yours or your friends’ hair loss in an easy and trouble-free way. Both of these treatments require just a few hours, and their results last for many years. Give them a try and revive your hair once again.